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Order First Birthday Cakes Online For Your Dear Ones

Wishing "Happy Birthday" to your loved one seems so boring without a cake. Isn’t it? It won’t be wrong if we say happiness is equal to cake. You will definitely agree on this with us here. Confused about what to give your loved ones on their birthdays? Aazho comes to the rescue. What will be a better option than an online first birthday cake? Right? Cake seems to be the perfect gift to make anyone’s day a much much much happier. The cake is the only delight enough to bring a big bright smile on the birthday boy/girl’s face. So, what are you waiting for? Order birthday cakes online from us today to double the excitement and fun factor of the birthday celebration.

Buy First Birthday Cakes Online For More Birthday Fun & Surprises

How about sending a delicious cake at your loved one’s doorsteps at 12:00 AM? Who doesn't like surprises? Plan an adorable birthday surprise with Aazho. We assure the fastest online birthday cake delivery, baked with flour and sugar iced with love and warmth and delivered by our delivery pros. Aazho has a wide range of 100 % freshest-ingredient baked cakes which are available in some mouth watering flavours. Red velvet, OREO crunch and carrot delight are our latest addition to the collection. We provide flavoured cakes like chocolate cake, vanilla cake, butterscotch cake, strawberry cake, dark forest cake and a lot more. 

When you order a midnight birthday cake online via Aazho, our delivery man will be at the doorsteps of the recipient's house at 12 at the midnight. Our team will deliver the cake you choose for them in a very safe and secure manner. Isn’t this thrilling and exciting? Even if you are far away from your house and you want to surprise your loved one, be it your parents, siblings, friends, or any family member, you are still never too far from celebrating their birthday together. Not to exaggerate but we are one of the best in the cake business. You name it and we have it all for you. 

Send First Birthday Cakes Online & Spread Smiles

Aazho is a well-reputed and renowned name in the cake industry, popular for the yummiest as well as some beautiful cakes. Birthday cakes should be yummy well as it should be so aesthetically appealing that no one should be able to take their eyes off them. Our assortment is flooded with cakes that look amazing. Send birthday cakes online to your dear ones and woo their hearts instantly. 

Birthdays without some heavenly tasted cakes seems incomplete. Right? Nowadays, cakes have evolved so much not just in terms of appearance but in terms of flavours and taste as well. The creativity and love bakers of Aazho put in the cakes these days are beyond imagination. 

To make birthdays even more special, Aazho comes with a wide range of online birthday cakes that slides down not only to the stomach but also the soul. Taste so appetizing that one can’t stop himself from eating. But why Aazho cakes? We bake delicious cakes with equal love and warmth as you have for your loved ones. 
Fall Into Our Wide Variety of Birthday Cakes

Cakes are so special that any celebration seems incomplete without the food of angels. Looking for some delish and flavoursome cakes? Aazho will help you with the same. We have a wide range of delicious birthday cakes online which will make your loved one’s special day even more memorable.  So, what are you wondering? Fall into the sweetness of our amazing cakes, buying them online. With our fastest online birthday cake delivery, one can savor their favorite delight right at their home. Order now!

Pinata Cake: Pinata cakes are 3-D looking cakes and are really in demand for definitely a  good reason. They’re incredibly fun and can be filled with anything you want- making for a great surprise. With the help of the hammer, one can break the outer shell of the piñata cake which is basically made of brown or white chocolate. Once the outer shell is cracked we can see the cake inside. Isn’t this thrilling and exciting? 

Cheesecake: Cheesecake is a sweet dessert consisting of a lot of layers. The main, and thickest, layer consists of a mixture of soft, fresh cheese, eggs, and sugar which instantly melts in the mouth as soon as you put it inside. Cheesecakes are said to be one of the yummiest cakes and rules the heart of many people out there. Cheesecakes are everyone's favourite as well. We have a classic, strawberry cheesecake as well as blueberry cheesecakes for you. You can order birthday cake including cheesecake from us anytime. 

Strawberry Cake: Strawberry cake is a light cake that appears to be wow and creamy with a little twist of strawberries, making it even tastier. This cake is undoubtedly the best cake that no one can resist. 

Fondant Cake: Fondant cakes are basically used to decorate the cake with custom icing. Fondant is one of the top choices of customers and we at Aazho make this online birthday cake delivery right at your doorstep in a few minutes.

Dry Cakes: Dry cakes are basically cakes that are made of a lot of dry fruits with no icing. These cakes are appropriate for people who do not like icing or want to have a healthy version of the cake. How amazing it is that we have a cake and still not gain weight? 

Ice Cream Cake: An ice cream cake is a cake made with ice cream. A popular form is a three-layer cake, with a layer of ice cream between two layers of cake. In a typical assembly, the cake component is baked in the normal way but appears to be extraordinary and ready to make anyone crazy with its taste. Isn’t it fun to have ice cream as well as a cake together? Double fun in a cake. Send birthday cakes online today to become the reason for someone's smile.

See how much variety we do have in cakes? Were you aware of them all? Choose your favourite one to surprise your loved one on their birthday. Aazho is all ready for you to help you plan for your birthday. 

Order Birthday Cakes Without Any COVID Fear- Our Cakes Are Safe to Eat!

In these sad and depressing COVID times, all the safety precautions are taken properly without any physical touch. Our talented chefs bake all the cakes by wearing masks. Our chefs bake cakes with love. Our agenda is to give you a lifetime of memories for you to cherish forever, not any virus. Order birthday cakes online without hesitating! 

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